One of the most popular social media application is Instagram, it is a free online photo and video sharing application and social network platform which allows users to edit and upload photos and videos through the mobile application. Many users share photos and videos to get a lot of likes from people to feel a sense of being approved, so to  gain instagram followers real has become an issue to the extent of individuals using money to buy likes so that they may feel worthy, so to what extent can we say it’s becoming a social problem?

What are the effects of Instagram likes?

Getting and aiming for many likes on Instagram has many benefits but there are also many effects to those people who fail to get many likes or try so hard to the extent of copying celebrities by the way they dress or pose for pictures while forgetting who they really are and becoming more and more insecure when they don’t get the approval they hoped.

I think society should teach the young generation to not focus on getting approved by strangers on social media but to be confident and know their individual worth.