Convection ovens by Electrolux are perfect equipment for the preparation of any dishes and products, both meat and vegetables.

As for combi air-o-steam ovens, Electrolux uses the newest steam system. Thus, these ovens are useful for quick preparation of any dishes, ensuring their quality. The highly efficient steam generator provides that the units are always ready for operation with a steam operation. This oven is very convenient for cooking delicious steaks, baked goods or vegetables. Additional installations guarantee control of air circulation and humidity in the cooking chamber. That allows you to choose the right level of moisture. The capacity of the oven and the airflow system, as well as various modes, improve the cooking process.

Combi ovens advantages

For example, since food consists of a certain amount of water, you should consider various moisture factors. The ability to adjust the sensors at your discretion is one of the advantages of this oven, among which are also: It is not a secret that our stoves have chosen by a large number of consumers due to their benefits, among which are:

  • hot air cycles to remove excess moisture from food;
  • additional moisture added by manual water injection;
  • various built-in cooking modes;
  • integrated programs with more than 1000 saved cooking recipes that you can use (functioning due to USB connection) and many others you can find on the website.