A gift is not something which should be measured by the price of the item, but something which should be measured by the love and efforts the person made you feel awesome. And so, for the most special friends of all, our best friends, here are some best friend gifts ideas to make him or her smile on a special occasion gifts for women.

Coffee Mug

This gift will come in a lot of handy. The person for whom you are buying this will always remember you in every with every sip of his favorite tea or coffee.

Wall Hanging Photograph Album

Photographs are a collection of memories. A lot of photographs together means a lot of memories. Well, getting your best friend a photograph album of all your togetherness and craziness will bring all those happy moments to light. You also can gift him or her a big photograph collage with all your memories together.


These are the most special gift of all. Perfumes, although a bit expensive than other gifts, help better in almost every place. There are different types of perfumes for men and women. So, make sure you choose the best of the best.

Gifting a watch will make sure that your friend reaches everywhere on time. Well, it will help him not just when you are going together, but his or her important moments of life too. And what more, a watch is a long-lasting gift, making sure to keep your memories with your friend.