Nude manicure is an eternal classic that looks appropriate on the nails of both very young girls and women. The main advantage of beige gel polish is that it visually lengthens the fingers and rejuvenates the skin of the hands. In addition, the nude coating is versatile, it looks great in a single-color design, with color patterns, and with rhinestones.


  • Nude shades on the nails were popular long before the appearance of gel polishes. All shades of “white” skin belong to this palette, but impurities of other colors are also acceptable. Thus, nude manicure includes such colors as beige, coffee with milk, ivory, pastel shades with pink, peach or grey shades, cream, vanilla, pale cinnamon and caramel, almond, and many others. Meanwhile, the shade of a beige gel-polish coating can either completely coincide with the skin color or shade it. You can see a great palette of nude colors at kodi official site.
  • Beige gel polish looks very gentle and fits perfect to the short nails. But with a nice design, it would be appropriate for the long ones as well.
  • Classical nude manicure is glossy but a matte finish will look very glamorous, too. The only nuance of a light matte manicure is that it “wipes out” quickly.
  • Gel polish of beige color requires an absolutely smooth surface of the nail.
  • Also, nude manicure requires a well-groomed cuticles. You should not choose the nude palette without a preliminary hygienic manicure.

If you choose a nude manicure, you can be sure that it will be appropriate for any time and situation!