Sometimes women complain that the perfume changed or expired very quickly. Although there may be 2 reasons why it happens. In the first one, the perfume hasn’t changed but the women’s hormones did. That’s why she perceives the scent in another way. The second scenario, however, happens when it was stored in inappropriate conditions. Let’s learn 3 main things you should do to keep your perfume fresh.

Tips on how to store a fragrance

When you buy perfume at or a different online store, you’ll get it in the box. It’s not only a package used to avoid mishaps during transportation. Even after you open the bottle, it’s better to store it in the carton box. It protects the perfume from the light. So, the first step is to keep your fragrances in the dark and cool places. Light and heat will change the formula and ruin the smell.

Avoid humid places as well. It’s not a good idea to leave the perfume in the bathroom. The composition will quickly deteriorate. You should prefer a dresser drawer or closet as the best spot to leave all your favorite bottles.

It’s also important to close the cap after you apply the perfume. This way it won’t evaporate or interact with the air.

It may seem like trifles, but they can really prolong the life of your fragrances. Use all 3 tips and enjoy every drop of your perfume.