Currently, The Swiss Government allows business forms for the company established with the most common being limited liability. To get more information click on Our consultants can help you open a company of any type in Switzerland.

  • A Limited Liability Swiss Company (also well known as GmbH or S.A.R.L) is a company formed by investors who established small or medium-sized business type. Other business forms could allow you to open your own office and expand it into the Swiss market, including getting help from investors who also want to establish a business.
  • A company of this type usually has a certain number of shareholders, the details of which are in the official documents of the company and whose names are mentioned in the Commercial Register. Sometimes a company requires fixed capital for its formation and further functioning (for example, for the formation of S.A.R.L. the minimum share capital of 20,000 Swiss francs).
  • Another type of company is a corporation (AG or SA). The use of this form is usually calculated for all business needs; therefore, based on simple requirements, it is considered a widely used type of business. This form is arranged in such a way that shareholders have limited liability and can carry out their activities anonymously (unlike the previous form). In addition, to create a corporation usually requires a large minimum capital (at least 100,000 Swiss francs with a minimum of 20% paid at the time of registration).
  • Partnership (simple, general or limited types).

Thus, Switzerland offers a variety of business forms for everyone.