One of the main issues that interest our users is the security of using our service. We assure you that the data on each transaction that is performed through your account is stored on the cloud which is a secure repository. It also applies to the storage of funds in your accounts on the exchanges. Our specialists do not have direct access and cannot arbitrarily manage or use your personal account information for their own purposes. All changes, results, and risks in the trading process are visible only to you. To learn more, please visit

Access to API

For any operations, Trodax service users will provide access to the API. In this way, you provide passwords to your exchange accounts and control the flow of your funds.

The SSL certificate acts in such a way that all traffic is encrypted and only you have access. All API keys have their own algorithm, they are encrypted and stored in a closed database. Thus, only you have access to them. The server on which the API keys are stored is unavailable to other users and minimizes any risks of fraud on the part of intruders. used to make every reasonable trial to preclude and eliminate such cryptocurrency attacks. The service is able to confirm that a cryptocurrency active on the Platform has been exposed or is under the hit.