Marketing automation gives an opportunity to free precious and costly resource (people) from doing ordinary staff that can be implemented by automated or semi-automated procedures. Automation will help expand the coverage of marketing campaigns without increasing the staff, using definite marketing tasks.


  • Plan, modeling, and management of the campaign. To create campaigns is a fast and not complicated process. But as the automation will increase their number significantly, you will also require an automated way of effectively testing and managing your campaigns, it could be simple e-mail advertising or complex multi-channel multimedia projects.
  • Model-based marketing. To develop more proficient models is a nice method to expand response rates and do campaign marketing better. Through the use of analytics, such models will help specify the ideal sets of products, the most successful suggestions, and optimize cooperation with your consumers, which is very important.
  • Set up and repeat campaign. By means of the modular design that is used in marketing automation, you are able to repeat, adjust, and update campaign activities swiftly and easy.

With more complete marketing automation you will have to pay much attention to analytics. Such analytical opportunities as clustering, segmentation, creation, and optimization provide highly targeted knowledge-based campaigns that are got from sales history, estimates of likelihood, potential returns, and much more.

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